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Groundwater Collection Expansion Project

The Groundwater Collection Expansion Project primarily addresses historical contaminants that are all water soluble and have moved off the Elmira site to the south and west.

The progress toward achieving the 2028 cleanup target date is formally evaluated every five years using detailed groundwater computer modeling and data collected from approximately 300 groundwater monitoring wells.

The last computer modeling conducted in 2012 showed that we could improve our ability to meet the MOECC’s 2028 cleanup deadline by adding four new offsite extraction wells to the South and West of our Elmira property.

The new offsite extraction wells have been installed in locations that offered both proximity to the highest concentrations of remaining contaminants in the aquifers and practical access to each well site. The addition of these four new extraction  wells, and a new expanded water treatment system (by end of 2017) will nearly double the groundwater pumping rates and treatment capacity. Although these four wells approximately double the groundwater pumping capacity, the footprint of each well is relatively unobtrusive. A small pump house and driveway is all that will be visible.

Ongoing monitoring of the existing and the new wells will enable us to confirm we are on track to achieve our  cleanup goal.

Here you find a map of the well locations:


Here you find plots that show NDMA concentration contours in the Upper Municipal Aquifer (MU)  in 1998 (before offsite groundwater remediation commenced), in 2015, and the modeled concentrations for 2028. Each contour line indicates a 10-fold difference in concentrations; the darker the color the higher the concentration. The peak NDMA concentration off site has been reduced 100-fold since 1998 and the NDMA plume mass has been reduced by approximately 95% in the MU since remediation began.  The modeling shows that the expanded treatment system will achieve removal of 99.7% of the NDMA mass by 2028.



Elmira Facility

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