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Saltigo at Chemspec Europe in Frankfurt am Main, Germany May 31 to June 1, 2022, stand D20

Exclusive synthesis – integrated and sustainable

Leverkusen, May 25, 2022 – The efficient exclusive synthesis of complex chemical active ingredients and intermediates benefits considerably from an integrated production infrastructure. “For large molecules and long synthesis pathways in particular, organizational complexity and logistical risks can be limited if a single provider can perform the entire task,” says Dr. Guido Giffels, Head of New Business Development at Saltigo GmbH.

Saltigo will be showcasing its own integrated range of services in this field at Chemspec Europe, which will be held this year from May 31 to June 1 in Frankfurt am Main. In addition to the agrochemical industry, customers of the Leverkusen-based specialist in exclusive synthesis, a global subsidiary of the specialty chemicals company LANXESS, include pharmaceutical firms and buyers of fine chemicals.

Complex target molecules – demanding synthesis sequences

Both pharmaceutical and agrochemical active substance molecules are becoming increasingly complex, often containing one or more stereo centers. Either the latter must be produced selectively or separation of enantiomers and diastereomers is required in many cases. “These days, syntheses with ten or more individual steps are common in agrochemical active substances produced on an industrial scale. Often, the synthetic challenge is posed by a whole sequence of demanding reactions rather than a single key step,” explains Dr. Christoph Schaffrath, Head of Marketing & Sales at Saltigo. The company’s extensive technological portfolio and many years of chemical and technical experience provide optimum conditions for meeting all requirements comprehensively and reliably. This kind of “one-stop shop” solution provides maximum security, especially in times of vulnerable supply chains and other unpredictable external influences.

Saltigo core competencies include hydrogenation in a pressurized environment and at high temperatures, catalyzed coupling reactions, and other organometallic operations at low temperatures and in an inert-gas atmosphere. “Customers are very interested in challenging reactions like these, particularly on a large scale, and in the wide-ranging, flexible combinations that our factories and plants allow,” says Giffels.

High-efficiency recycling strategy

Sparing use, systematic recovery, and reuse of solvents, reagents, and reaction partners used in excess play a key role when it comes to manufacturing hundreds or thousands of tons of a product efficiently. As Dr. Joerg Mohr, Head of Process Development & Analytics at Saltigo, explains, “That is why our production has long been supplemented by a high-efficiency recycling strategy that we are constantly enhancing and adapting to changing requirements. For instance, recovery of the solvent tetrahydrofuran has always made sense and been worthwhile, but it has now become essential on account of the huge rise in prices.” At Saltigo, a wide range of apparatus enables activities such as separation and cleaning of mixtures by distillation in various pressure ranges, from stripping of solvents to fine distillation. All these capabilities are crucial to cost-effective production and also take the goals of sustainability and environmental protection into account. “In terms of energy efficiency, all our processes are also subject to a continuous improvement process that is geared towards the state of the art and helps the company to achieve its ambitious climate protection targets,” adds Mohr.

Detailed information about the comprehensive range of services offered by Saltigo in the area of exclusive synthesis and available fine chemicals can be found online at

Saltigo GmbH is one of the leading providers in the field of custom synthesis. The company, which is part of the specialty chemicals company LANXESS, belongs to the Consumer Protection segment, which recorded sales of EUR 1.515 billion in fiscal year 2021. Saltigo, which has its corporate headquarters in Leverkusen and production facilities in Leverkusen and Dormagen, employs around 1,200 people worldwide.

Forward-Looking Statements
This news release contains certain forward-looking statements based on the current assumptions and forecasts by the management of LANXESS AG. Various known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors could cause the actual results, financial position, development, or performance of the company to differ materially from the assessments presented here. The company accepts no obligation to update such forward-looking statements or to adjust them in line with future events or developments.

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