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Emergency Preparedness

The Elmira facility is well equipped to deal with various types of on- and off-site emergencies. A documented plan outlines the response procedures to be taken should an emergency occur. The plan is shared with the local first responders as well as various municipal, regional and provincial agencies.

Since 1942, the Elmira facility has maintained an on-site fire department.  It is staffed by employee volunteers who are on call 24-hours a day. This on-site fire department maintains an emergency response/command vehicle, spill response trailer and a foam/water pumper. The fire department works closely with the Township of Woolwich (Elmira) Fire Department and with other members of the Waterloo Region Mutual Aid Association.

What to Do in an Emergency

The Township of Woolwich maintains an emergency warning system consisting of a Town Siren and telephone messaging system. If the Town Siren is activated, it is important for residents to know how to Shelter-in-Place. The steps to Shelter-in-Place are outlined below.

Town Siren

The sirens can be used for severe weather, gas leaks, transportation accidents and chemical releases.

A test of the sirens in Elmira will be conducted on Saturdays at approximately 12 noon.

If you hear the siren outside of the tested times, please remain inside your home or office. Community Alert Network (CAN) provides a message with information and instructions to residents about the emergency.Through the CAN system you may be asked to complete the following:

  • Close all windows, outside doors and every door inside the building
  • Seal cracks around doorways with tape and a rolled damp towel at the floor space
  • Turn off air conditioners, furnaces, fireplaces and hot water heaters
  • Stay tuned to local radio stations: AM 570, FM 96.7, FM 105.3 or Southwestern Ontario TV
  • Keep your phone lines

(From the Emergency Preparedness Handbook - Township of Woolwich, see more here)


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