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Responsible Care

LANXESS is committed to Responsible Care®, the Canadian chemistry industry’s commitment to sustainability, the betterment of society, the environment and the economy. The ethics and principles of Responsible Care® motivate LANXESS to innovate for safer and more environmentally friendly products and processes, to work cooperatively and to strive eliminate harm throughout the life cycle management of our products.

Responsible Care®, originally developed by the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (formerly the Canadian Chemical Producers’ Association), covers all aspects of our business – environmental protection, resource conservation, occupational health and safety, process safety, research and development, transportation, product stewardship, purchasing, security and social responsibility.

LANXESS’ commitment to Responsible Care® means we engage directly with our neighbors, our local emergency responders and other interested stakeholders. We seek out community input and want to encourage you to raise concerns with us so we can address them directly.

To verify that LANXESS is living up to our Responsible Care® commitments, every three years a verification team comprised of industry experts, community representatives and national advocates visits our company. This team works to ensure Responsible Care ethic® and management systems are in place, verifies compliance with the codes of practice and checks for continually improved performance. Like all association members, we track and report on our performance in all aspects of health, safety, environmental and social performance.